Kay Grimnes


Stellar sea lions near Valdez, Alaska

Dr. Karin (Kay) Grimnes

Professor of Biology

Alma College

Alma, MI 48801


I teach (or have taught) classes in:

biology for non-majors (BIO 101), biology for majors (BIO 121), developmental biology (BIO 205),

immunology (BIO 330),

invertebrate biology (BIO 303),

research methods (BIO 249),

and various seminars (BIO 280).

I also work with

     pre-professional students in the health field (website here),

     with advising issues for students and faculty (website here),

     and with students for greater academic success (success manual here).

Official disclaimer

Since this site is primarily a professional one, but includes personal material, any opinions and positions are mine and not those of Alma College.

BIO 121 Podcast of the text figures is here.

Links to my classes, research and personal interests are across the top of the page.  The albums page includes both Alma and off-campus pictures.

Captive crab